Recreation & Health

Avail our in-house luxuries to keep your mind and body active.

Indoor Gym

While mountain trails offer a perfect exercise regime, we also have a gymnasium for those who like to maintain their classic routines.

Our gymnasium has a treadmill, cross-trainer, stationery bicycle, rowing machine, weights station & a multi-gym weight machine.

Gym timings: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Enjoy the breathtaking Himalayan panorama while perching yourself within our quaint little gazebo, which forms an island between two of the brooks that meander through the Retreat.

In-House Apple Orchard

Atop our sprawling lawns and landscaped gardens lies our in-house apple orchard, which reaps an impressive harvest every fall. This large, sun-kissed space is riveted by meandering brooks and shade-spots, ideal to read a book, sip a refreshing drink and simply indulge in nature while soaking in the sun.

Ecological Plunge Pool

Enjoy a dip in our very own plunge pool created with running spring and mountain water. The pool has been left in an untouched state to offer an ecological twist to the classic plunge pool- the micro-flora of running water maintains its own hygiene and has a rejuvenating affect on all those who immerse themselves in it. Perfect on a sunny afternoon!


Be a part of our daily bonfires that take place every evening by the Chinar Villa lawns or in Mike’s Tavern (in case of rain).

In-House Mountain Bikes

We are proud to offer four of our very own mountain bikes with gear systems to help you pedal through mountainous roads with ease.