Southside Chamber
(Standard Room)

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*Extra bed within a room are chargeable @ INR 1,700/- per bed. Room package are subject to additional meal and GST charges.


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One of the Retreat’s quaintest spaces, the Southside Chamber is a perfect value-for money choice for the economic traveller. It offers a rare, upward garden-facing view and has warm interiors, perfect for the Himalayan winter. Its unique insulation keeps the room at an equitable temperature even during the peak summer hours.

What’s more- it is just a knock away from the Retreat’s concierge, which means that guests staying in this room are guaranteed to have the fastest service-based approach while spending a smaller fare in comparison to others- a win win situation indeed!


Room Amenities

A list of room amenities available with this room.


In-Room Heating

Tea/ Coffee Station

Vanity Mirror


Hair Dryer

Movie Library

Doctor/ First Aid on Call

Room Service*

Digital Weighing Scale

Sattelite High-Definition Television

Personalised Guest Directory

Photo Gallery

What do our visitors say ?

    star rating  The resort is beautifully layed out. Cottages are far apart with lot of green area and trees in between. It's landscaped with running water and the sound of the... read more

    October 8, 2021
Lastly, just in case you need navigational guidance while reaching us, simply click on our Google Maps Location. Kindly note that there are three access points to Urvashi’s Retreat, according to which the map will re-route.
A) The most common access point is via the Nehrukund bridge off NH 3.
Albeit the shortest route to us, Nehrukund’s narrow width and flimsy structure might cause inconvenience to those traveling in broad vehicles.
B) A safer approach can be found via the Palchan bridge off NH 3, just a few kilometers ahead of Nehrukund.
Even though this option is likely to add roughly 15 + minutes to your journey, the Palchan bridge is a broader and more concrete bridge.
C) Last but not least, you always have the Club House Road route to count on.
Slightly narrower and bumpy as compared to A and B, but a solid option nevertheless.
For any assistance, you can reach us on +91 88940 05626.
We wish you a safe journey ahead and look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Manali can be reached through several scenic routes : –

New Delhi: 560 kilometres
Chandigarh: 316 kilometres 
Simla: 256 kilometres
Dharamsala: 240 kilometres 
Pathankot: 322 kilometres
Leh: 464 kilometres

Important disclaimer: Due to the ongoing farmers’ protests in and around the NCR, all guests travelling by road are advised to re-confirm their chosen routes prior to travelling. The usual route from NCR to Sonipat is blockaded at the moment and hence, a re-routing via the Western Peripheral Highway is highly recommended (Gurgaon-Manesar-Western Peripheral Highway uptil Rai and then converge at Sonepat / Delhi-Bahadurgarh-Western Peripheral Highway uptil Rai and then converge at Sonepat). Kindly note that this adds roughly 1.5 hours of extra driving time. 

Further, roadworks on several highways are underway and add substantially to the estimated driving time. In particular, the patch from Aut upto the Kullu bypass is undergoing heavy renovations and hence, traveller discretion on their time of departure is advised. 

Recommended pit stops (NCR to Manali via Chandigarh) : – 

(All pit stops are located right alongside the national highway such that travellers do not expend supplementary time in diversions. Moreover, every recommendation has been tried, tested and continues to be upheld for its relatively superior adherence to sanitation, safety and food quality). 

Karnal: Daana Paani 

To avoid passing through the busy metropolis of Chandigarh and Zirakpur, take the Banur-Kharar-Ropar bypass.

Ropar/ Rupnagar: Haveli (right next to the Ropar toll plaza) 

Swarghat: Ambe Jagdambe Dhaba 

Mandi: Visco Resorts 

Kullu: Neeralaya 


By Air

The Bhuntar Airport (Kullu) is 54 kilometres away (<1.5 hours’ drive) and has regular flight connectivity with New Delhi and Chandigarh airports.


By Train

The closest railway station is Jogindernagar, which is 170 kilometres from us.


By Bus

Volvo and government-operated bus liners operate on an hourly basis from major cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ambala, Jammu, Pathankot, etc.