Trekking & Hiking

The Himalayan Devbhumi is a typical trekkers’ delight, welcoming all levels of expediency.

Here are a few treks that I recommend if you’d like to take the tried and tested routes. Or else, happy exploring!

Urvashi’s Morning Cardio Walk

Duration: 2 hours Intensity: Mild 
Do you see the village nestled on the north-western hill? That’s Majagh, which can be reached after a brief trek up the hill via Shanag village, and its route passes through vibrant fields and gushing streams. Get a splendid view of Shanag as you go higher up towards Majagh.

Getting there: take the right road heading to the Ahilya river, after crossing which, you will advance to Shanag village. Head upwards from there, the route automatically meanders towards Majagh village.

Jogini Falls

Duration: 2 and a half hours Intensity: Moderate- intense 
You must have spotted numerous waterfalls on the Eastward mountains while driving to Shanag. The most spectacular waterfalls of them all are the Jogini Falls. Intense for the first half an hour or so, this trek is worth doing to witness the most amazing sight of this jaw-dropping delight.

Getting there: Walk/ drive upto the Vashisht village on NH 21 towards Manali. Shortly after the Himvalley Amusement Park, there’s a trekking route that leads towards the waterfalls. Good luck with the climb!

Westward Meadows

Duration: 2 and a half hours Intensity: Moderate- intense 
Look towards the top-left of the central Westward mountain, and you’ll spot a green meadow amidst the alpine forest. A trek towards this spot goes through a waterfall as well, and upon reaching the meadow, the view that one gets from up there cannot be described in words.

Getting there: Walk/ drive upto the campsite before Majagh and trek upstream from thereon.

Data’s Stroll

Duration: <30 minutes Intensity: Very mild 
For those of you who just want to take it easy and stroll around the place to absorb the Shanag essence, take this gentle stroll that winds through apple orchards, wheat fields and small brooks.

Getting there: Take the North-Western route towards the school in Burua. The spring water source marks the end of this stroll, from where you need to take a U- turn and head towards the South-East direction to return to the Retreat.

Temple Run

Duration: 1 hour Intensity: Mild 
Walk on the Club House Road towards the neighbouring village- Goshal to witness a waterfall, after which, the iconic Gautam Rishi Temple is a short walk downhill.

Getting there: Follow the Club House Road towards Manali until you reach the Goshal Village.


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