Terms & Conditions


    • Full retention will be charged for cancellations received 10 days prior to arrival; 50% will be charged if received 11-14 days prior to arrival. No cancellation charges will be levied if cancelled 15 days prior to arrival. However, the above cancellation policy is not valid during long weekends, Christmas, New Year and certain other times of the year wherein rooms will be confirmed subject to non-refundable advance.

    • In the unlikely event of our inability to provide you accommodation after committing, we will arrange alternate accommodation of similar standards and provide transportation free of cost.

    • No refunds will be provided once the guest(s) have checked in. If guest(s) decide to check out earlier than their stipulated booking, retention will be charged as per the actual number of room nights as mentioned in their booking voucher.

    • By making a booking with Urvashi’s Retreat, all guests commit to pay the room charge and to settle the hotel bills by mode of payment acceptable by the hotel. Personal cheques are not accepted. In case the organisation/individual fails to settle the bill, the guest will be personally liable. The guest agrees to be held responsible for any and all charges incurred during the stay and agrees to settle all his account on the demand. The guest authorises the hotel management to charge his/her credit/debit card for any charges not settled upon departure. Additionally, should any guest be availing a prolonged stay at Urvashi’s Retreat, the hotel is not compliant with any credit system with the concerned guest. The said guest is required to work on an advanced payment credit at all times failing which, they are no longer permitted to avail the hotel’s lodgings or services.


    • Extra mattresses / bedding are available on a triple occupancy basis at a premium; this cost includes breakfast for the third occupant as well. All occupants above the age of 5 years of age will be charged on the basis of a triple occupancy. In order to waiver this accommodation fees, guest(s) must present a valid ID proof that clearly states the child’s age as under 5 years.


    • Guests are requested to ensure compliance of government rules and regulations of taxation as well as a civil code of conduct that is minimally invasive to the staff and other guests on the hotel premises.

    • Liability of the hotel arising out of the stay of the guest shall be limited to a sum not exceeding the maximum amount payable by the guest to the hotel on account of his/her stay bill.

    • All our rooms are adorned with blue pine panels without chemical coatings. Should any guests suffer from a smell-sensitivity towards the same, they should request to be accommodated in the older rooms of the Retreat, which have a milder wood fragrance. The management does not take responsibility for providing its guests any fragrance-free rooms, since it is a natural characteristic of blue pine wood.

    • Urvashi’s Retreat is located amidst apple orchards in the upper Manali region of Himachal Pradesh. Along with pristine Himalayan beauty, the region is inhabited by several other living species of nature. While the management supervises the routine pest control protocol, our guests are requested to bear with us should they encounter rodents, insects or geckos in or around the premises. Should they require assistance, our guests are welcome to contact the management or house keeping staff, who will assist them in driving the species out of our premises.

    • The hotel is also home to our in-house French bulldogs, Cleopatra and Tsarina. While they mean no harm and are not ferocious, their playful traits might repel some guests who prefer to stay at a distance from dogs. Cleo and Tsarina reside in the owner’s private residence (Brooks Villa), which adjoins the property and are fortified within this estate at all times. However, in case they happen to stay into the hotel premises (highly unlikely without supervision), we request you not to panic and to contact the nearest staff member, who will take them back to Brooks Villa. We repeat our genuine commitment to avoid any such undesirable encounter between them and our guests, and assure you our highest attention in securing your comfort. On the contrary, for all dog-loving guests, Cleo and Tsarina enjoy making new friends and will gladly visit you for a small play session under our staff member’s supervision.

    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor premises of the hotel, private as well as common. For guests who wish to smoke, ashtrays have been placed in the hotel’s various balconies and outdoor areas. Kindly refrain from discarding your cigarette stubs anywhere outside fireproof bins or the hotel’s ashtrays. All rooms are equipped with fire alarms, and thus, guests are requested once more against consuming cigarettes in the hotel’s indoor premises. In case of such an occurrence, the hotel’s fire alarms will sound off, causing disturbance not only to the hotel staff, but also to your fellow guests. Most importantly, given the hotel’s extensive use of wooden construction, smoking indoors stands as a major fire hazard and is likely to cause irreparable damage to the property, which is likely to entail legal discipline being expended against the violating guest, as well as a financial penalty that might run in multi-folds of the material’s original cost and labour charges.

    • All guests at Urvashi’s Retreat are entitled to availing bonfires as a premium service upon prior request and subject to the weather conditions. While our horticulture staff shall be more than willing to set up your bonfire facilities, kindly note that bonfires cannot be lit at a certain proximity of your rooming block / building or in any immediate distance to the garden foliage. In both cases, this is thoroughly justified as to avoid any risk of burning / damage to the hotel premises or foliage. All guests seeking a bonfire setup are therefore requested to comply by the horticulturist’s discretion.


    • Urvashi’s Retreat has been constructed using very high quality gradings of wood. Thus, all guests are requested to kindly refrain from using the hotel wood frames, railings and furniture for the purpose of drying / sunning their clothing. Should our guests require a clothes rack for the same, our house keeping shall readily provide for the same. Any damage caused by inappropriate usage of our wooden articles may be subjected to a financial penalty.

    • Urvashi’s Retreat has a zero tolerance policy towards any abuse or harassment directed towards its staff by any guests or visitors. Any guests found engaging in disrespectful behaviour vis-à-vis the staff of Urvashi’s Retreat will be asked to vacate the premises upon immediate effect.

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    • All in-room dining orders will incur an additional service charge of 10% as per the hotel’s rules and regulations.

    • The hotel authorities levy corkage charges on all personal alcohol being consumed on the premises. All guests are requested to comply with the same.

    • As a courtesy to the F & B staff, all guests are requested to kindly adhere by the timings mentioned for buffet meal timings (as specified in the menus and dining and bar areas) as well as a la carte orders.

    • Urvashi’s Retreat does not offer complimentary meals or accommodation for drivers accompanying its guests. A basic refreshment (welcome drink or tea) is available for all drivers upon arrival at the staff cafeteria. Should the guest wish to arrange for their driver’s meals at the hotel, kindly note that standard charges and taxes will apply and is conditioned upon availability. As for the driver’s lodging, we provide paid accommodation in the staff quarters as per availability and management discretion. Hence, the management urges all its guests to kindly make alternate accommodations for their drivers, especially so in the winter months during which it can get extremely uncomfortable for drivers to sleep in their respective cars. The management will gladly suggest a list of accommodations available in the vicinity for visiting drivers and urge the guest to kindly direct their driver’s accommodations there to avoid last minute inconvenience/misunderstandings.


    • Liability of the hotel arising out of any claim by the guest on account of any tortuous act shall be limited to a sum not exceeding the maximum amount payable by the guest on account of his/her stay bill and as per the guest liability compensatory fees allotted by the insurance company in place.

    • All disputes arising from or incidental stay itself or through any franchiser or any other persons directly or indirectly involved shall be subject matter of dispute between guest and hotel only and shall be referable to arbitration in accordance with the Indian Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 conducted in the city where the hotel is situated by a sole arbitrator who shall inter alia shall have qualification of ten years experience in the hospitality industry and be duly appointed by the Indian Council of Arbitration. All disputes between the guest and hotel is situated solely between the hotel authorities and the concerned guest party; and none other shall have jurisdiction in respect of such disputes.

    • Urvashi’s Retreat is a premium boutique resort that commits itself to the finest travel and hospitality experiences as per its efforts. However, should there arise a situation of guest dissatisfaction in terms of accommodation, reservation, service or any other experience that bears direct relevance with Urvashi’s Retreat, the hotel authorities regret to inform their guests the absence of any guarantees on the former’s part and reiterate the supreme validity of these terms and conditions in the resolution or abandonment of any dispute(s).

    • In case of any accidental/ unintentional damage of property at Urvashi’s Retreat will be fully covered by the concerned guest involved. The price will be determined by the management as per its market contingency/ availability and the management at Urvashi’s Retreat is not responsible to assure the concerned guest of this rate parity, specifically due to the inconvenience in replenishment.

    • Urvashis Retreat does not tolerate any deliberate acts of vandalism, upon the occurrence of which, the guest will be charged with disciplinary action as well as compensatory charges decided by the management. Incidents of deliberate vandalism could amount to the concerned guest being asked to vacate the property upon immediate effect.

    • Outside guests visiting our residential guests at the resort’s premises are not permitted entry beyond 11:30 p.m. are permitted to enter after the security has made their entries, scanned ID’s and conducted COVID-relative screening beforehand. The residential guests undertake full responsibility vis-a-vis the conduct of their visitors and shall be held liable in case of any violation of the resort’s terms & conditions. Any guest, if found breaching the sanctity of the property and causing disturbance to fellow guests is subject to disciplinary action, ranging to stringent warnings, penalties, or in cases of extreme lapses, even to vacate the resort’s premises.

    • All guests are expected to observe silence in the resort’s common premises after 11:30 p.m. Any untoward noise or ruckus shall not be tolerated for its disturbance to other guests residing in the resort’s premises. Hence, each residential guest is expected to pay complete consideration towards the comfort, privacy and rest of others.

    • Urvashi’s Retreat has a zero tolerance policy to the consumption of any banned drugs or narcotics on its premises. All guests are personally liable for their appropriate conduct and by signing an acceptance to the resort’s terms & conditions, formally undertake complete responsibility to ensure their abstinence from procuring, consuming or exchanging banned drugs and narcotics with any parties.

    • Urvashi’s Retreat reserves the right of evicting persons/parties admitted as its residential or visiting guests and requesting police intervention based on the following accounts : –
    • disorderly conduct
    • nonpayment
    • using the premises for an unlawful purpose or act
    • bringing property onto the premises that may be dangerous to others
    • failing to register as a guest
    • usingfalse pretenses to obtain accommodations
    • being a minor unaccompanied by an adult registered guest
    • violating national, state, or local hotel laws or regulations
    • violating a conspicuously posted hotel or motel rule
    • failing to vacate a room at the agreed checkout date & time


    • Upon check out, the concerned guest takes full responsibility of providing authentic feedback on all offline as well as online platforms that could, in any way effect the hotel value or reputation. Any fraudulent review(s) will be dealt with direct intervention by the concerned authorities of the respective review portal and the hotel undertakes full prerogative of acting as an active whistleblower in its defence.


    • In the recent light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Urvashi’s Retreat has undertaken several safety protocols and measures to ensure guest and employee safety. All guests are required to comply by the same. Some of the key measures of complete adherence are mentioned below : –
      1) Temperature screening and monitoring of blood oxygen saturation levels prior to check-in or entry into hotel premises.
      2) Compulsory sanitisation at multiple levels, such as footwear (floor sanitisation tray), personal fumigation and luggage sanitisation by provided sanitisation equipment in the hotel premises.
      3) Full facial coverage with masks at all times in the hotel’s common areas. Frequent hand washing and sanitisation is advised.
      4) A strict observance of social distancing in all common areas of the hotel premises.
      5) Abstaining from using crockery / cutlery during the hotel’s buffet services without staff assistance. The attending staff at the given buffet counter is the sole authorised figure to provide all direct services. This is being enforced such that there is minimal intra-guest contamination through buffet touch points. All guests are required to treat this process with patience should they be at the dining premises during a meal’s rush hours.
      6) Should any guest wish to occupy the dining room premises with appropriate social distancing, they are requested to arrive ahead of the meal rush times in order for our staff to serve them in due accordance.
      7) House keeping is only authorised to provide turn down services / room cleaning services upon direct request specifically from the guest desiring these services. This measure has again been taken to minimise guest and staff contact.
      8) QR menus have been placed in the hotel’s rooms and dining premises, such that every guest can avail contactless menu services.
      9) All guests availing in room dining services are requested to bear with our staff during times of high occupancy and orders. To limit staff and guest contact, our service personnel has been strictly ordered to deliver all in room dining orders outside of your room, and you are in turn expected to place the cutlery/ crockery and dishes in the same area after duly consuming your meal / snack, such that the staff person can do the clearance without any direct contact.

      However, the hotel authorities might enforce additional safety norms/measures which all guests are expected to comply with at all times. A lack of cooperation on the part of any guest may amount to being requested to vacate the premises.

    By confirming their booking, all guests at Urvashis Retreat imply that they have have carefully read and understood the terms and agree that the same shall be binding upon them for the entire duration of their meal/ stay/ wellness session.


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