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Rooms & Cottages

Discover a wide array of rooms that boast of bespoke luxuries & breathtakingly panoramic views of the Himalayas.

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Southside Chamber Rooms 1

Standard Room

(Southside Chamber)
Starting from INR 4,400 /- per night*

s Rohtang View Rooms 1

Deluxe Rooms

(Rohtang View Rooms)
Starting from INR 4,800 /- per night*

Brookside Rooms 1

Superior Rooms

(Brookside Rooms)
Starting from INR 5,200 /- per night*

m Rohtang View Deluxe Rooms v1a

Premium Rooms

(Rohtang Duplexes)
Starting from INR 5,600 /- per night*

The Grand Himalayan Suite 1

The Suite

(Grand Himalayan)
Starting from INR 6,000 /- per night*

Chinar Villa 1

Exclusive Cottage

(Chinar Villa)
Starting from INR 11,200 /- per night*

*Additional taxes apply. Prices are subject to availability and seasonal fluctuations.