Pet Friendly Policy

Every pet owner is permitted to bring along their pet only after receiving the permission

Pet Friendly Policy

1) Every pet owner is permitted to bring along their pet only after receiving the permission to do so directly from the owner’s office in written form.

2) A minimum security deposit of INR 15,000/- will be collected in advance and returned upon checkout, provided there are no damages to the property incurred by your pet. However, should the damages exceed the security deposit, the pet owner is to bear the entire cost of damage reparation and replacements, even in the situational absence of a formal invoice. These reparation charges are to be made entirely prior to guest departure.

3) Security deposits could exceed well over INR 15000/- based upon the owner’s discretion.

4) We do not accept lodging requests for puppies or potentially destructive pets.

5) Throughout one’s stay, the pet owner carries the entire responsibility of their pet’s conduct and sanitation. We do not provide any pet crates, mattresses, meals, toys, food and water bowls or sanitary mats. Pet owners are requested not to use hotel mattresses, sofas, chairs, towels, bath mats or rugs for their pet’s consumption. They must carry their own pet supplies and a failure to do so could incur additional penalties, including monetary fines.

6) No pets are permitted in the common areas or dining premises of Urvashi’s Retreat. Should your pet be out in the outdoor spaces, kindly ensure that he/she is on a leash and is supervised at all times. This point specifically implies having consideration for your fellow guests, many of whom might not be familiar or agreeable with having pets around them. They too are on a vacation/ leisure trip and you are requested to pay utmost respect to their comfort, privacy and safety.

7) We attempt to assign our more secluded rooms to pet owners in order to avoid excessive interaction with our non-pet-owning guests. Kindly comply and adjust with the same.

8) This is a newly drafted policy and is a work in progress. You are requested to cooperate with us in the absence of a specified clause in maintaining the utmost sanctity and decorum of Urvashi’s Retreat.

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