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The Brand

Crafted as a boutique home stay, every aspect of Urvashi’s Retreat has been personalised to create a unique blend of local rusticity and splendour.

About Us

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The idea of Urvashi’s Retreat was envisioned by Urvashi’s family earlier in 2014. After two decades of savouring the Himalayan delight as tourists, they envisioned paying the Devbhumi a homage of their own, but this time, as hosts. Nestled in the Bipasha valley, this vision of their materialised in the form of a boutique estate, wherein they fused local rusticity with luxurious living to craft a soul-lifting getaway. And thus, Urvashi’s Retreat was born. 

Classified today by the prestigious ITC WelcomHeritage group as one of their Nature Resorts, Urvashi’s retreat is a personally-run enterprise by Urvashi Singh and her multifunctional team. Set in a homely style with state of the art facilities, it is a luxury-centric and personally-crafted attempt at synthesising nature with premium hospitality. 

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Our Logo

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Setting our logo in the particular colour scheme holds as much symbolism as it does aesthetic beauty. Green- dark viridescent in particular, primarily symbolises the natural abundance that has been bestowed upon the Himalayan Devbhumi. In addition, it is the colour of balance, harmony, renewal and tranquility. Embellished upon this viridescence is our logo in gold- the colour of perfection, luxury, quality and abundance- both, material as well as spiritual.

A crown above, and a set of keys below the centre jointly connote the supremacy of the Retreat in terms of its hospitality, quality and service as a boutique hotel. More specifically, golden keys are known to symbolise emotional warmth and contentment, which we believe are delivered through exemplary service. Dominating our logo, at its centre, is our mascot- the rather stylish and wellgroomed butler- Magenta.

A French Bulldog by breed, Magenta’s quirkiness, hospitable nature, and a general dislike towards the heat and everything mundane, highlights a great deal about the collective ethos of Urvashi’s Retreat. Small yet substantial, exhilarating yet relaxed, Magenta indicates a unique appeal offered by the Retreat to all its forthcoming visitors, and promises you a memorable experience.

Ur Organics & Sustainable Initiatives

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Since the summer of 2017, Urvashi’s Retreat has begun an organic harvesting initiative wherein it takes the sole responsibility of harvesting its in-house apples and walnuts. Moreover, a private strawberry patch has been established in Urvashi’s backyard, which is likely to bloom next spring. The horticultural team envisions sustainable farming of these produces that’ll be pooled into the Retreat’s gourmet dining experience as well as preserve-making initiative, which was kickstarted by Urvashi in the form of home-made almond butter, banana jam and granola that is available for purchase from the dining room/ reception upon prior order. 

Furthermore, Urvashi’s Retreat is practicing sustainable initiatives in several ways. Adhering to ITC’s core tenet of ‘responsible luxury’, Urvashi’s Retreat is quietly mindful of its environment around it. It believes in giving back to the environment through mindful operative acts and recycling drives. Keeping this spirit of sustainability in mind, Urvashi’s Retreat has created its very own vermicompost pit, hence dramatically cutting down on organic waste on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, its house-keeping team encourages their in-house guests to practice sustainability in terms of lodging through controlled laundry and bath amenity rotations.

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Brand Partners

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Welcome Heritage Hotels and Restorts

Urvashi’s Retreat is honoured to be featured by ITC WelcomHeritage as one of their Nature Resorts and to have its kind support as our sales & marketing partners. 

Go to the WelcomHeritage Website

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A bi-annual publication run by Urvashi Singh, Rajputana Collective also serves as our media outlet. 

Go to the Rajputana Collective Website

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Our Location

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Urvashi’s Retreat

Shanag Road, P.O. Bahang, Manali,
Himachal Pradesh 175103

Telephone: 01902 256 040
Email: reservations@urvashisretreat.com